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Why learn and practice yoga on an individual basis? 

... Because the best practice is customized to your body, your therapeutic needs and your personal goals...



Private & Therapeutic Yoga Instruction


Private instruction can provide a great introduction for beginners, including opportunities to break down fundamental postures, ask questions and receive mindful adjustments. One-on-one sessions are also beneficial for seasoned practitioners of yoga, allowing you to address any concerns and deepen your practice with some individual attention.


Private yoga instruction at Metta Wave includes an individual consultation prior to your first customized class. This first 20 minute consultation is free of charge but requires the client's commitment to a session or program. Our meeting will help us as instructors to better understand your needs, goals and aspirations to ensure you receive the most from your session. 


Benefits of Customized Practice


After your inital consultation, your instructor will develop a physical practice sequenced to your individual needs & personal goals. In your sessions, they will offer with alignment assist & support to help you achieve greater stability in poses and function in movement. If you are encountering a physical injury, this is a great opportunity to learn how to modify your yoga practice to work with restrictions, maintain your comfort and thrive through the practice of yoga.


In September 2013, Eva and Chelsea successful completed Susi Hately's Therapeautic Yoga Intensive. This training provided a deeper awareness of anatomy and biomechanics of yoga, emphasizing function before form and practice without compensation which can lead to pain. In this five day training, they learned some necessary skills and tools to help people get out of pain with yoga and pure movement. By observing how the body moves, we become aware of its natural patterns and gain insight of how to move in more functional and enriching ways. The body is understood as the primary site of healing, although the benefits can transcend much deeper.


Beyond the function of movement and physical body, private yoga can also be immensely beneficial for stress, depression, anxiety and trauma. As a healing outlet, yoga can allow an exploration of the relationship between emotions and the body. Yoga looks at the self as a holistic entity, acknowleding that the body and mind exist in an interacting relationship. Healing the body can positively affect the mind and mental wellbeing can have a profoundly healing affect on the body. ​


Whether you decide to seek a private class as a one time consultation or as a series of progressing sessions, some undivided attention will assist the direction of your yoga practice.



Private Group Classes 


Private group classes can also be arranged. Yoga is a non-competitive approach to fitness that you can enjoy with coworkers, family and friends. This alternative from public classes can provide a great occasion for community building and relationship development. Many companies are acknowledging the many benefits of yoga in work environments, including stress managment, reduced muscle-tension, and increased productivity, which can result in reduced absentee-ism. Whether you are interested in sharing yoga at work with your coworkers, holding a retreat, or perhaps just sharing a simple class with family or friends, we can facilitate a class for your interest. Mats and props can be provided. Please contact us at if you are interested in hosting any such event.



Pricing: Please view our private & group private instruction rates on our pricing page here. 

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