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Bloom Metta Yoga + Wholeness

Metta Wave Yoga & Wellness is a yoga studio serving Saugeen Shores, offering regular yoga classes as well as specialized services including Thai yoga massage & private therapeutic yoga instruction. Our intention is to create a warm and inviting space where we can share our passion for yoga with our community. 



Bloom |    blossom, grow, flourish, transform
I believe it is our responsibility of citizens of this planet and as humans to step consistently in the direction of growth while acknowledging without shame or judgement the path we have walked to land us in our now. 

Metta |   Loving Kindness

Metta is Pali for "loving kindness," meaning a deep compassion and altruism with all beings. This understanding varies from a romanticized perspective of love, instead implying a universal love that is nurturing, protective and forgiving, as well as devoid of self interest. This notion arose in Buddhism but extends across contemplative traditions, including yoga. Metta is a recognition of love and compassion beyond our percieved differences and an aspiration to heal and care for all. 


Wholeness |   complete, un-lacking, unity, un-broken

In a world where is seems we are constantly being bombarded with ways to be "more" I have learned how important it is to recognize in myself and others our already complete nature. No need to add more or gather. I have all of the tools I need within, I just need to peel back the layers to uncover them again.


Our story of Blooming...

For those of you that know us as Metta Wave Yoga + Wellness...

Metta Wave Yoga + Wellness was birthed from two dreams colliding together- quite quickly I might say and with very little planned but a true passion to share and teach and learn and grow. On January 6th 2014 Eva and myself alongside so many of our community and supporters opened the doors to what we’ve known for the last 6.5 years as Metta Wave Yoga + Wellness.

We learned quickly in the first couple of years that a partnership is like a marriage and while the co-ownership of something as time and heart consuming as a business didn’t work out for us, I am forever grateful to Eva for her willingness to take the jump into business-hood with me and her contributions to the foundation stones of Metta. Metta Wave has never been mine, it was ours.

In February of 2017 Eva was offered an opportunity to teach overseas and in March I became a sole proprietor. In an effort to re-define Metta as my own yet hold sacred what we had built together alongside our tribe of instructors, we renovated the space and held a grand re-opening in April 2017. With so much to undertake at that time and truly a non-stop ride since then, I’ve had little time to re-establish my own brand and was never sure when the right time would be…

Bloom Metta Yoga + Wholeness is built from the same values, beliefs, initiatives and intentions as Metta Wave, but it has had the opportunity to germinate in time and experience to cultivate something a little richer is self awareness and the grace of acknowledging the okay-ness of imperfection as long as we recognize our wholeness. Bloom Metta for me feels endless in the imagery of constant growth and the cycles that we see in nature, not different than those that we see in our humanness, not different than the patterns we see on our mats.

Thank you for staying.

Thank you for being.

Thank you for growing.

Let's commit to seeing one another as continuously blooming and always whole.

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