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Lisa Mosher 

Teacher at Metta Wave Yoga​

Lisa's Story 

Lisa Santosha Mosher, E-RYT 200, RYT 1000

Lisa’s yoga journey has led her to study and teach many models and traditions of yoga. Committed to her practice and the profound self-study that goes with it, Lisa received her first certification with Nosara Yoga Institute, and later her Cross-disciplinary certification with DevaTree School of Yoga. Lisa’s areas of specialization include Ayurveda, Restorative, Integrative Anatomy, Hands-On Assists, Kirtan Chant, Subtle Energy Body, Yoga&Shamanism, and Children’s Yoga.

Yoga has been weaving in and out of Lisa’s life for over ten years, sometimes gracefully and sometimes with a message so powerful that her only choice was to stop, listen, and surrender. Her yoga practice and journey has brought amazing opportunity for self-discovery, exploration, development and acceptance. The coming together of mind, body and spirit has created more peace, strength, balance and grace in her world.

A compassionate, creative teacher of yoga and movement with a commitment to nourishing mind, body and spirit, Lisa’s philosophy, beliefs, and personal practice of self-study are closely aligned with DevaTree, honouring the uniqueness of each student. She was invited into the specialized 1000-hr leadership track at DevaTree and Directs the first Cross-disciplinary Satellite training in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Lisa invites playfulness through movement explorations, music and voice while providing a safe place for students of all ages and ability to explore, relax and have fun. Her intention is to inspire, support and encourage you to hear the wisdom of your own inner teacher and become the true guru of your own practice.

When Lisa is not teaching yoga she can be found exploring the world around her, dancing, drumming, walking barefoot, enjoying time with her family and friends in Southampton.

Santosha is the practice of finding contentment or happiness, regardless of the external circumstances. It’s the practice of remembering that what you have now is precious and transitory.

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