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Welcome to Bloom Metta! Here's a Guide to our Studio

Our studio is your studio. The word yoga means to connect & bind. Bloom Metta is a space that reflects our deep passion for the practice of yoga and is intended as place of peace and community. 


Bloom Studio Etiquette


Please Advise your Teachers of Any Injuries or Medical Conditions Which May Affect your Practice Today

This is very much appreciated so we can assist you with helpful modifications and offer you a safe & enriching practice. Thank you.


Arrival for Class

In these times of extra cleaning and set up behind the scenes we ask that students kindly arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before class. All places will be set up with necessary props so all you need to do is hang up your belongings out front, use the washroom if needed and roll out your mat. Thank you for your understanding with this :) 


Upon Arrival Please Sign In with the Instructor at the Desk

If this is your first ever visit to our little studio - welcome! Please check in with the instructor at the front desk to complete our simple new client form & register for your class. At this time we are not offering a new student special but hope that one day in the future we can consider offering this again.


Please Leave your Shoes on the Front Mat & Hang Up Any Coats, Bags or Keys in the Hallway 

During classes the door will be locked and your belongings will be very safe. It is not necessary to bring purses or bags into the practice room, but it's sometimes nice to keep socks & sweaters nearby. 


Regarding Yoga Mats

Due to COVID 19 standards, we ask that students to their best to remember their own mats. If you forget we do have some on hand to borrow.


Water is Available at the Studio or Bring Your Own Bottle

Mason jars are no longer available for student use due to public health guidelines. We do however have water for you to fill your own re-useable bottle.


While in the Studio, Please Preserve the Calm Atmosphere for your Fellow Yogis

This includes refraining from loud speech & please turn off those pesky cell phones! Thank you. 


Fragrance in the Studio

Please be mindful not to wear very strong fragrances to class out of respect for fellow clients who may have sensitivities, especially given yoga's emphasis on breath awareness! We do use some essential oils in our homemade mat cleaner & for hot yoga cooling cloths but are mindful that the fragrances are not overwhelming. 


Yoga is Nicest on an Empty Stomach!

Take our word & eat lightly before practice :) 


Please never hesitate with any questions! We would love to support you however we can!




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