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Melissa Pinnegar

Teacher at Metta Wave Yoga​

Melissa's Story

I became a certified yoga teacher in 2015, after really connecting to the practice while I was a prenatal yoga student: a time in my life that felt both exciting and terrifying. Yoga has truly been a path of light to me ever since, helping me navigate the ups and downs of life, challenging me both emotionally and physically. I teach yoga with a heartfelt intention to encourage students to find their place of inner peace, knowing myself how easily that gets lost in the shuffle of living. Each time I teach, I want to remind students of this place within them, where there is untapped joy and harmony, and how this can be found through asana and meditation.  


I teach a variety of styles, but typically I build my classes around simply opening the body up/creating space by stretching and utilizing strength. I love being able to teach all styles and learn so much from each unique practice and the bodies that fill the space. Personally, there are times that I favour movement and vinyasa, but other times I crave stillness in a yin practice. I have learned how to listen to my body over the years, and honour what it needs in a given day or week. I attribute this intimate connection I have with myself to experiencing different styles of this practice.

I am lucky enough to be teaching yoga as a full-time gig. I teach mainly out of my “home studio” Metta Wave and I’ve had the opportunity to grow in my career by specializing in prenatal yoga and childbirth education as well as children’s yoga programs. 

When I am not teaching, I am soaking up time with my daughter, Everly, doing things together like hanging out by the water, bike riding, snowboarding, adventuring, and hanging out in coffee shops. Port Elgin has been home since 2013, but I was born and raised in London, ON., where I attended Western University. I am blessed with a pretty great family, two big brothers and a mom and dad. Lastly, people always seem to want to know what a yogis diet is like, so here’s mine: vegetarian with daily chocolate intake!

I hope to meet you while rolling out a yoga mat.

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