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Yoga + Community 

Metta Wave was created as a home for all yogis & yoginis in our community. Our intention is to cultivate a friendly and inviting atmosphere, so that students would feel encouraged to stay for tea, enjoy conversations and not feel rushed before or after class. Our studio features a welcoming and warm environment,  relaxed seating and a lending library of yoga books. Please feel welcome to stop by, to chat and ask any inquiries about yoga, and to just unwind in the space we have created. 

Making Yoga More accessible & Affordable

Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is an experience that all should have a right to, it is not a luxury or priviledge. We recognize that some are discouraged from practice by the standard cost of yoga classes. Metta Wave aspires to make yoga more accessible through some of the following means:


  • Energy Exchange: This program is perfect for passionate students interested in giving back to the studio. Exchange time assisting around the studio for time on your mat in our scheduled classes.Chelsea participated in an exchange program to pay for her first YTT! Interested in our energy exchange? Please contact us at 

  • Karma Classes: We currently hold two $7 Karma classes at Metta. Wednesday evenings you can join Chelsea and Catie for a well rounded class featuring gentle movement, stretching, release and relaxation; or Friday evenings at 5:15pm you can join Melissa for Hot Happy Hour Flow. 
    Community Class: We currently hold one "Pay what you can" Community Class on Sunday evenings at 7pm. This class is open to anyone and a portion of the funds will go to paying the instructor, the remainder will go towards purchasing a yoga pass for someone in need. 

  • Seasonal Promotions: Each season, Metta Wave intends to feature a different discounted promotion to help you build dedication to practice. We are now offering 1, 2, 3, & 6 month unlimited options, allowing clients who practice multiple times a week to really economize. Watch for our next 30 Day Challenges 3 times yearly in February, June and October.

  • Bring a Friend for $5: A great way to get friends out to a class. Saturday evenings at 5:30pm bring a friend for $5! If you are a pass holder you may use that and your friend still applies to the $5 drop-in offering. 

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