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300hr Mindful Vinyasa + Therapeutics YTT 

Our 2023 applications are OPEN! Details below!

Application link here for our 2023 offering!

  • ...the roots of our program
    Bloom can be defined as ‘come into or be in full beauty or health; flourish, grow’. Metta translated from Vedic literatures and Buddhist texts translates into such words as "friendly, amicable, benevolent, affectionate, kind, loving, good-will”. Bloom Metta is a YTT built on the foundation and understanding that Yoga, in its earliest forms, was an avenue back to self; understanding, awareness, compassion, realization. In our modern day culture we start to recognize that we likely need to sift through some layers to get to that place. It is our firm belief that the duty of a Yoga instructor is to facilitate an experience for students that is built on this journey of self discovery; to dig through the roots of tension and resistance in both mind and body to reach a place of inner peace and kindness. When one can find peace and kindness within themselves, that is where we start to see the blooming, the blossoming, the flourishing of kindness; in the relationships within that person’s life, in the way they place themselves in their community and eventually we start to see a shift on a much larger scale, in the world. This is where we start to Bloom Metta.
  • ...program focus
    Bloom Metta is a training program whose curriculum is strongly based on these basic principles; what is Yoga, where has it been, where has it gone and where is it now? It is our desire to create a learning platform that is as comprehensive as possible when looking at a lineage that is strongly driven and essentially manufactured based on opinion, perspective and assumption. Throughout the entire program we will look at Eastern philosophies on the practice, healing, energy and awareness in both mind, body and spirit, and see where this lands in our Western outlooks and our desire as a culture to have tangible proof and science for belief and understanding. Bloom Metta is not a cookie cutter training. It is our belief that transparency about the practice of Yoga leaves a lot of question marks. But it is in those question marks where there is so much room to grow and share and teach from a place of WHY and individuality to best provide our students with the grounds to do the same.
  • ...bloom metta manifesto
    Successful completion of Bloom Metta YTT will leave its graduates richer in tools for self awareness and understanding, mind, body and spirit. It is our belief that this work aids immensely in the ability to facilitate a practice that provides this opportunity to its participants. We must consider that successful choreography or sequencing of a Yoga practice is one thing, but behind all of that comes the lens that sees the anatomy, the biomechanics, the therapeutics and the energy of the postures. Students can expect to leave this training feeling confident in a knowledge base that is able to see the many branches of Yoga and teach from a place that feels organic to them as individuals.
  • dates + hours expectations
    2023 training dates Fridays 3-7pm/7:30-9pm Saugeen Shores, Ontario Saturdays 8-11am/1-6pm/7:30-9pm Saugeen Shores, Ontario Sundays 8-11am/12-5-pm Saugeen Shores, Ontario • Note that these times are approximate. Schedule may vary depending on facilitator programming Jan 24, 25, 26 Feb 21, 22, 24 Mar 20, 21, 22 Apr 24, 25, 26 May 22, 23, 24 Jun 19, 20, 21 Jul 24, 25, 26 Aug 25, 26, 27 Sept 25, 26, 27 Oct 23, 24, 25 Nov 20, 21, 22 Dec 11, 12, 13 *Note that Friday session this weekend is optional for a practice teach/study hall • Note that attendance to all in class sessions is important for completion of the program • More than 5 missed instruction hours total will require scheduled one on one time with one of ours program facilitators at the expense of the student to catch up on missed content. The hourly rate is $55/hour. • The hours above come together to be 270.5 hours of instruction time with our program facilitators. Students should expect a minimum of 30 hours of additional study, reading, preparation etc outside of these hours
  • ...program fees
    2023 Tuition pricing Deposit of $500 is required to secure your place in the training once accepted into the program. Students will have 1 week to pay the deposit after acceptance. If payment is not received within this time frame the place will be offered to another student. Early Bird Option: $3850+hst (less $500 deposit) paid in FULL by August 15/2022 Regular Price Option: $4150+hst (less $500 deposit) paid in FULL by September 30/2022 Instalment Option: $4400+hst (less $500 deposit) broken down into 5 equal payments of $780+hst due via e-transfer/post dated cheque/credit card on or before Jan 1/2023, Mar 1/2023, May 1/2023, Jul 1/2023 and Sept 1/2023
  • ...what designation will I recieve from this training?
    We wish to be transparent completely under this heading. The world of Yoga is not regulated nor controlled by any governing body. Therefore, this means (very bluntly and unfortunately) that anyone can call themselves a Yoga teacher/instructor. We have done our research and have decided that while we align somewhat with the Canadian Yoga Alliances standards and have previously been accredited under their name, we forgo any membership with any accredation company. Therefore our trainees will recieve the designation of Certified Yoga Teacher- 300 hours.
  • ...breakdown of content and hours
    Please note that 95% of the below hours are contact hours with our teaching faculty. There may be an hour here or there that will be dedicated to reading prep and journaling, but in addition to these hours students should expect additional time spent at home for assignments, self reflection and reading between the teaching weekends. 1. Anatomy.Physiology.Biomechanics 48hrs These hours will be strongly focused on looking at the operations of the human body from a Western medicine perspective and how it relates to Yoga. Students will gain a strong understanding on topics such as; the different muscles, layers and processes, functional range of motion in the major joints of the human structure and common malfunction and misalignments that would need to be considered in a Yoga practice. 2. History.Philosophy 45hrs We will look in depth at the lineage of Yoga starting in the East and its migration to the West. This is where the true spirit of the practice began and to teach a class that is true to the roots we need to create an understanding of where it has been and how and why it has changed. Students will gain a strong background on the Yoga Sutras and the eight fold path of Yoga. 3. Seva 10hrs Seva translates in the Sanskrit language as ‘selfless service’ but when looked at more deeply it can be considered an expression of compassion for others and a genuine desire to uplift those around you. The practice of Seva becomes a path to self-awareness which is the essence of Yoga. Students will be required to formulate a small Seva project. 4. Asana 75hrs This heading is inclusive of topics such as yoga postures and alignment, contraindications/modifications for specific groups, teaching methodology and verbiage, sequencing and hands on assists. 5. Pranayama 18hrs The fourth limb of the eight fold path involves breathing techniques as a way to connect more fully to our inner landscape. Studies today show breathing techniques are one of the most under-utilized tools that we have at our disposal. These hours will be spent looking at the methods and science of pranayama. 6. Dhyana 18hrs Meditation or focused concentration. In these hours students will learn to practice as well as teach with a clear understanding of the science behind this ancient tradition. 7. Other 86hrs This heading involves daily practice and self reflection as we believe that a large portion of facilitating a Yoga class comes from the experience and continual transformation that occurs as a student. This will include practices in many styles such as (but not limited to) Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Suspension Yoga, and SUP Yoga. Also falling here is study on the energy systems, Yoga Therapeutics, as well as the internal medicine landscape of the body. Bloom Metta includes a 15hr Ayurveda component which will involve a cleansing ritual. In addition to this, our students will also get information pertaining to Trauma Sensitive Yoga, the Psychology of Yoga and a look at working with a private client base. Many of these hours will fall under the umbrellas of the above categories but won’t necessarily be structured in such detail.
  • ...required reading list
    Bhagavad Gita by Ravi Ravindra Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as interpreted by Mukunda Stiles Living Your Yoga by Judith Judith Lasater The Yamas + Niyamas by Deborah Adele
  • I need to be an experienced yogi to take this training?
    Absolutely not. Some knowledge of your own body in a practice is helpful. Most importantly what needs to be clear is that this training can be a long process is which our students are expected continuosly to work through their own journey of Svadhyaya (self study)- there needs to be time set aside outside of contact hours for both homework and reflection. This defnitely might be something to consider when deciding if this training is right for you.
  • can I apply? when will I know if I am accepted?
    Applications are now open for our 2023 offering! We will start reviewing applications mid-July. We might also ask for an in person or phone conversation. We truly want to feel confident that we are the right fit for you and all students are clear on our program.
  • ...our faculty
    *further details to come! 1. Chelsea Weir creator/history+philosphy/interdisciplinary practice 2. Helene Neising anatomy+biomechics Dr. Hélène Niesing, BSc (spec), DC, Acupuncture ProviderDr. Hélène Niesing graduated from Laurentian University with a specialized Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Biology, and from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) as a Doctor of Chiropractic. During her internship at CMCC, Dr. Hélène completed an additional clinical placement at the Muki Baum Children’s Center, where she acquired clinical skills in treating special needs children.Dr. Hélène furthered her education by completing the Certificate Program in Biomedical Acupuncture with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Foundation at CMCC; the Webster Technique Certificate with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association; as well at the Thompson Chiropractic Technique and the Basic Level Certification with Activator Methods. Dr. Hélène has also deepened her knowledge in functional movement patterns and treatment of movement based issues by taking the Integrated Patterning Course through the Integrated Seminar Series, as well as the Core Confidence Specialist course through Bellies Inc.Dr. Hélène looks forward to working with the Saugeen Shores community to help promote health and well-being for patients at all stages of life, from pregnancy, to infancy and into adulthood! 3. Diane Liska H.B.Sc., MACP, RP, CYT Diane is a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga Teacher blending her 10 years experience in the mental health field with a passion for the psychology and neuroscience of yoga. Her intention is to promote healing and wholeness through helping individuals learn to connect the wisdom of their bodies with the strength of their minds. She brings a deep respect and focus for the self-reflective properties of yoga, with specific interest in how yoga can be used to support a healthy community of healing practitioners. 4. Melissa Pinnegar assistant/asana/sequencing 5. Sue Peirson assistant/restorative yoga 6. Tracy Young assistant/trauma senstive yoga/sound healing/ayurveda 7. Brooke Waugh assistant/pre-natal
  • ...why 300 hrs rather than 200? why a full year program?
    It is our belief that a 200 hour program only scratches the surface of the depth of what we can learn about Yoga. Don't get us wrong, there are some beautiful and well put together 200hr YTTs out there, but in our experience it often still requires further education to faciliate a class. A 300 hr program gives a little more time to dive into some topics that need more exploration in order to feel comfortable as a teacher. You can find month or 40-day long intensives to get your teacher training, and again it is personal preference based on experience that guided us to span our training over a year. We can say with confidence that the path of self exploration in our own practice is what has created more comfort and a better teacher in all of us. A year is not long when we start to realize that every day is an opporunity for growth and transformation.

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